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Oct 17-20, 2016 Cambridge UK
Dec 5-8, 2016 Camarillo, CA USA

POWER 4-5-6 Power Supply Design Software, Release 9


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POWER 4-5-6 is the only switching power supply design program which provides component design, large-signal simulation, feedback control design, and small signal analysis in one easy-to-use package. It is an Excel-based program with interactive controls, designed for rugged and reliable operation. All of the features listed above are offered using clear schematic presentation of circuits and designs with pop-up menus for easy data entry and analysis. Extensive on-line help is available at the click of a button.


Release 9 includes 12 real-world power stage topologies:

  • Buck
  • Forward Converter with Reset Winding
  • Two-Switch Forward Converter 
  • Half-Bridge Converter with Center-Tap Secondary 
  • Half-Bridge Converter with Full-Wave Secondary
  • Full-Bridge Converter with Center-Tap Secondary 
  • Full-Bridge Converter with Full-Wave Secondary 
  • Push-Pull Converter with Center-Tap Secondary 
  • Push-Pull Converter with Full-Wave Secondary 
  • Boost Converter 
  • Buck-Boost Converter
  • Flyback Converter with Multiple Outputs


POWER 4-5-6 Demo Software

To run the latest version of the POWER 4-5-6 Demo, you will need to have the 32-bit version Excel 2007 or later installed on your computer (do not select the 64-bit version of Excel, it is missing many features).

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